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Artist Statement

Drawing our rich Canadian landscape in miniature has been my most recent passion. I love the sense of tranquility I get from the great lakes in Northern Ontario and am equally drawn to nature and rural areas. It is a pleasure to capture the light in these natural settings, but a sense of true satisfaction comes over me when the color can translate the mood of a scene.

I have also been drawing the human character in graphite miniature, trying to capture a sense of the person and the moment, while concentrating simultaneously on the textures of the skin and wetness of the eyes. Texture is very important to me. It brings depth to the character portrayed. It makes the viewer want to touch a two dimensional plane bringing the person in a portrait even closer. In essence, the protrait has to breathe. The eyes of a person are very significant, vital even. They must become the windows of the soul in my work as I have always thought eyes so telling.

I think the most important notion I have taken away with me from my studies of miniature art, (aside from the guidelines on size), has been the idea that the art of the miniature be precious, like a window into the soul of an artists vision, reflected in fine detail, gem like color, value and meaning. Like Alice in Wonderland we fall into that small intimate world that each artist sees in their own way. I believe that viewing the art of the miniature be a journey of sorts that delivers up all manner of new observances in that tiny world and sustains our fascination within it.

Sue Florian